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by:  Charles R. Solomon

April 12, 1997;  August 6, 1999

Not what we do
But who we are;
What we have
Does not empower.

Not where we are
Or where we’ve been—
What’s of self (Rom. 7:18)
Is surely sin.

Not what we gain
But what we lose— (Rom. 6:6)
‘Twixt God and self
Is ours to choose.  (Rom. 6:11)

To live is Christ; (Phil. 1:21)
Self is but loss.
Identity in Him— (Col. 3:4a)
Ours through the Cross.

Our life lost (Gal. 2:20a)
His life begun;  (Gal. 2:20b)
As in Him
All is done. (John 19:30)

Ours to labor
To enter rest; (Heb. 4:11)
Found in Him, (Col. 2:9,10)
Lives truly blessed.




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