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by:  Charles R. Solomon

There was a lady named Jane
Who suffered neglect and abuse;
She had lived all her life in pain
And did her parents and others accuse.
Sex, drugs and booze were her portion
As she attempted with life to cope;
Her babies' lives lost to abortion
For peace she had all but lost hope.

Though she related to the church,
She was not an answer given;
She was forced to mount a search—
With God's people she had striven.
Twelve steps were proffered as the way
Since alcohol was her tendency;
She met others who were A.C.O.A.
And was faced with co-dependency.

She was enabled to go straight
And avoided de-tox which stunk;
But, alas, for victory she did wait,
Realizing she was just a dry drunk!
Though she had re-entered society,
She made a startling discovery—
After seven years of sobriety,
She was co-dependent upon recovery!

On Christ as Savior she depended;
She knew her sins were cleansed.
Though her sinful ways were mended,
A much deeper need was sensed.
The Holy Spirit gave her light;
She saw that self was but loss.
Failing though trying with all her might,

Victory was hers through the Cross! (Gal. 2:20)

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