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by Ken Callaway

During our eight intense days of the Exchanged Life Conference, Workshop, and Institute, I told you (Dr. John Woodward) that while you were speaking (on an unrelated subject) something that I have never experienced before happened to me!  It felt much like a low voltage shock started at my head and went down through my body and out my feet in less than a second.  I became very emotional - I couldn’t quit sobbing.  I was emotional all that day when we sang or prayed.  I had come to the conclusion that God had just healed me of something.  You may remember that I told you that God had healed me, but I’m not sure of what!?


About a week later, God revealed to me what He healed me of -  my seed of “inferiority” that my mother is troubled still today and my  “covert rejection”, also from her seed, which I felt rejection from my father that has bothered me most all my life!  Depression has been the main symptom of this problem.   I have, for much of my life, had what I always called “bluesy”, but when I lost my 4 year old son in a car wreck, I then understood what depression was really like!  A few years later, I quit taking the anti-depressants and was mostly fine for years, following my “surrender” in 1998.  I had been bothered several times up to “that” day and most always had at least minor depression which, of course, I have been able to deal with it “in my flesh”!  Each Christmas season, I would go into a deep depression, or any other stressful events, to the point that I had the number “530” on my mind a lot of the time!  That number is the mile marker number on IH-10 where I would drive off into Joshua Creek and end it all.  The problem was that it was just over 100 miles away from where I live and I would back-out before I could get there – THANK GOD!!


When I took the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis, if you remember, it exposed that that I was at 83 percentile depressive.  I actually was surprised that I rated that high but, I have always just lived with it. Since that miraculous day at the Institute, I do not even have a breath of depression!!  I truly believe God has healed me.  Thank you Jesus!! I am living with the belief/faith that my inferiority and rejection was dead the moment that I was born again but, I have just now reckoned that in my spirit and my depression is gone!  This was the tiny piece (but huge peace) of my puzzle that was missing in my “identity” that simply flipped my switch!  Tell Dr. Chuck that my chemical levels are balanced/normal now!  I know that if I took the Taylor-Johnson today, my depressive percentile would be normal, thanks be to God!


My brother, I truly believe that God is about to take me where He has only given me glimpses of before; probably beyond what I can even imagine!  It’s is somewhat scary but, very exciting AND He has given me the testimony of victory from this pain!  Also, I want to thank you and the whole GFI gang for your years of obedience but, I want to thank God the most for allowing me the undeserved privilege of being one of His!! The Christ in me, the hope of glory!!




Ken Callaway<><

P.O. Box 922

Gonzales, TX 78629

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