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Charles R. Solomon

September 7, 2012

Care and cure are cousins

For our help brought to bear.

With cure wrought by the Spirit

While man renders only care!


While care can bring relief

And comfort in the short term

Only cure by the Spirit

Will His way and will confirm.

While symptoms need assuaging

Cure must address the core;

Since care gives cure a setback,

There's the need for something more.

The arm of the flesh is lacking

When we find ourselves in trouble.

Anything short of spiritual help

Will be wood, hay, and stubble!

When care has run its course

And our lives have hit the wall,

The Spirit brings resolution

As upon His name we call.

Losing our lives to save them (Luke 9:24)

Means gaining His instead;

The symptoms will lose power

As by His Spirit we are led.



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