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by Charles R. Solomon

February 27, 2000

"Come unto me", the Savior says,

"And I will give you rest", (Matt. 11:28)

To those living in death

And those alive but sore distressed.

Eternal life is the promise - (Rom. 6:23)

A life abundant and free, (John 10:10; Gal. 5:1)

If we will be stop our doing

And let Him make us content to be.

The sin that came between us

Passed from Adam to us as death, (Rom. 5:12)

As we repent of our sin

The Holy Spirit gives life by His breath.

The life that we had from below

In exchange for that from above -

The works of the flesh without measure (Gal. 5:19-21)

Give way to the fruit of His love. (Gal. 5:22,23)

But you say, I am defeated so

That I almost despair of life,

While I desire to obey Him,

My daily lot is one of strife.

While I would do His will, (Rom. 7:22)

I find myself following my own; (Rom. 7:19b)

Instead of acts of righteousness

I do that which I can't condone.

"O wretched man that I am" (Rom. 7:24a)

Suffering day to day defeat,

While I read in His Holy Word

That in Christ I am complete!  (Col. 2:1)

When I come to the end of self

In one mass of frustration,

I read those liberating words -

"There is no condemnation".  (Rom. 8:1)

In my struggle to obey the Lord

I marshalled all my strength;

Only to find my gracious Father

Had patience to go any length.

No matter how hard I tried

Sin and defeat were the norm;

All my effort had to come to naught

If to His image I were to conform.  (Rom. 8:29)

When all my efforts proved futile

And the flesh was exposed to His light,

My trying gave way to dying and

I was forced to give up the fight.

"I am crucified with Christ" - (Gal. 2:20)

Five words the Spirit blessed;

I could now obey His pleading,

"Come unto Me and rest".

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