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The lack of spontaneous love and affection in childhood sets the stage for feelings of unworthiness, lack of confidence, and self-rejection.  The self-rejection, especially when accompanied by the above symptoms, is certain to culminate in strained interpersonal relationships, if not complete rupture.

Let’s look at a summary of the symptoms reported by those who suffer from depression:


1.  Physical ailments such as:  continued tiredness, dizziness, aching, tightening of the chest, headaches, constipation, heartburn, sweating, weakness, heart palpitations, band around the head, etc.

2.   Apathy:  a couldn’t-care-less attitude.

3.   Loss of appetite or eating too much

4.  Loss of affection, weeping for no apparent reason, sadness, irritability, hostility, hopelessness, anxiety, fear and worry, poor concentration, indecision, concern about dying, remorse, general loss of interest, etc.

5.   Loss of diminution of sex drive.

6.   Insomnia or escaping in sleep, early morning awakening.

7.   Gradual loss of interest in personal appearance, perhaps to the point of becoming unkempt.

8.   Withdrawal.

It goes without saying that conditions such as the above will have a deleterious effect on interpersonal relationships and the discharge of responsibilities which were previously routine.  The day is likely to start off black and stay that way or improve to a nice, even shade of gray!  Decisions which had once been made with little thought now take on such significance as to be deemed worthy of a summit conference!

Self-esteem is at an all-time low, and self-centeredness runs rampant.  Days are filled with pity parties, and nights become an endurance contest.  Man can’t help; no one understands; and God seems a million miles away!  In severe depression it seems impossible that others around him can just get up and go to work without giving it a second thought.

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