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by Charles R. Solomon, Ed.D.

We are living in a day when one-to-one soul care by the church is a lost art.  The trend in recent decades has been toward referring hurting believers to state-licensed professional counselors who, in the main, do only symptomatic treatment.

Witnessing forty years of the Holy spirit's transformational ministry at Grace Fellowship International and related ministries has convinced me that Christ-centered counseling is the best option for strategic soul care.  The case studies in this book confirm that the flesh or self is the root problem  Scriptural discipleship, or sanctification by faith - that is rooted int he believer's cross (Gal. 2:20, Rom. 6:6) - is the essential answer.  All kinds of non-organic psychological maladies respond to this biblically-based personal ministry of the Holy Spirit, and in a fraction of the time required by psychotherapy.

It is my prayer that the case studies contained herein will restore the faith of Church leadership, and her members, in God's supernatural solutions which can revitalize the Church through personal revival.  The bible discloses the ministry of the Cross, and the critical situation in our country demands it!

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