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by Charles R. Solomon

June 30, 1999

Living in a fallen world
Gives all a share of pain;
When children are abused,
There is more to explain.
Perfect parents do not exist
Until we are all above;
While living on planet Earth

There'll be a lack of love.

When lack of love is suffered
Children perceive rejection;
Though none may be intended,
The response may be dejection.
When anger is common fare
And is vented on a child,
The damage sustained within
May never be reconciled.

Though parents may be the source,
A child can accept the blame;
The adult life may be lived
Out of an attitude of shame.
When the cause of problems deep
Is buried and escapes detection,
Those in a world of hurt
See no avenue for correction.

The treatment of choice today
Involves emotions and the mind;
Behavior change is sought

While to the Spirit we're blind.
The body may be blamed -
A chemical imbalance in the brain;
The problem is seldom touched
Though there may be relief from pain.

Many choose to try escapes
With symptoms being addressed;
Short-term relief and pleasure
Allow the problem to be repressed.

The longer the problem's avoided
The more the life is enslaved;
The power of sin is deceptive
Even though a person is saved.

When therapists are engaged
And attempt to untangle the mess,
The past with its myriad 'issues'
Is a treasure trove to address!
But therapists addressing the past,
Like meteorologists and the weather,

May discuss it 'til the cows some home
And still not know whither or whether!

When we're willing to own the problem
And give the Spirit full sway,

He knows all that's happened
And is capable of taking it away.
Salvation assures a new future
With a present unsurpassed;
To a glorious inheritance,
He graciously adds a new past!

While we were in Adam
His past and ours were merged; (Rom. 5:12)
Now that we are in Christ,

To claim our freedom we're urged. (Rom. 6:11,13)
Though the hurts and pain of yesteryear

Are facts with which we're dealing,
Losing our lives at the Cross (Luke 9:24)
Is the only complete way of healing.

Our new life in Christ is
Replete with blessing and healing;
Not only a new destination
But also the Spirit's sealing. (Eph. 1:13)
Our redemption is complete;

The Lord Jesus said, "It is finished".
Nor the past beclouds the future,
His power is undiminished. (Heb. 13:8)

As one called to be an ambassador -
A messenger of reconciliation, (2 Cor. 5:21)
I invite you to bury your past (Rom. 6:4,5)
At the Cross through identification.
It's literally amazing what death will cure,
Since resurrection life is its sequel!
In healing for past hurts and trauma
His life and power have no equal.

Come to the Savior and receive His life (John 1:12)
In exchange for yours at the Cross; (Gal. 2:20)
Living out of past pain or success
Will inevitably cause you great loss.
The world, the flesh, and the Devil
Will taunt you with your past;

But when you live out of Jesus' life
Freedom will be yours at last! (Gal. 5:1)

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