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by John A. Stevens

This is not a cold, clinical analysis of the subject of suicide, but rather a warm, compassionate insight into the thoughts and feelings of the potential victim of Suicide, an Illicit Lover.

There is something in all of us here in these pages.  The author shows a personal insight into life that will bring back memories to every reader.

This is not a book of defeat, but of victory.  Beginning with death, you will be led into life, an abundant life of victory in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Written with a deep sense of love, this is a book for every age, Christian or non-Christian.




In this book, John Stevens has given the answer from God's Word.  It will provide, not a relief of symptoms or an alternative life style, but a New Life in Christ.

- Paul E. Kaschel, M.D., Psychiatrist

Grand Rapids, Michigan

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