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In past years, behavior modification was all the rage; and medication took a back seat in dealing with mental/behavioral problems.  Now, such things as depression and the consequent unprofitable behavior, or ADHD with its negative effects in the classroom, are seen as likely targets for treatment by medication.  Indeed, there are some in each category where there is an organic etiology; but to whom is relegated the responsibility of sorting out the psycho/spiritual from the physiological?  Presently, it is almost solely in the hands of the medical profession; and the medical/pharmaceutical industries have become gods in their own right with very little in the way of challenge by the church which has all but defaulted to humanism in the arena of soul care.  Due to this fact, it is common for the state to refuse to recognize that soul care is the historical domain of the Church.  Since both parents and the Church have been derelict in their duties, we have generations of young people who do not know their birthright as believers.

When things begin to go wrong emotionally, mentally, or behaviorally, the believer seeks, or goes to default mode and is faced with, humanistic answers which, all too frequently, pose medication as the solution to psycho/spiritual issues.  Indeed, most believers do not even have the conscious knowledge that such symptoms can be resolved by having their lives transformed by the renewing of their minds.  Wouldn’t it be the part of wisdom to turn to the Lord for such a solution and factor out that which is not organic rather than immediately turning to the medical community for symptomatic relief?

Since I have seen thousands of believers of all ages have their lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit, I am not just posing an hypothetical or “pie in the sky” solution; in other words, what I am proposing is “state of the art” technology or theology!  Children are candidates for having their lives transformed by the Holy Spirit just as are their parents.  Once the psycho/spiritual conflict is eliminated by the Spirit’s working, whatever remains (if anything) can then be treated as truly an organic problem where medication is in order.  But, if the parents do not recognize that their psycho/spiritual conflicts can be resolved through their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ (and may be on medication themselves), why would they be expected to fault the system and challenge the ADHD/Ritalin syndrome?  Indeed, why hasn’t the Church recognized it?


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