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by Charles R. Solomon, Ed.D.

Don't "Get a Life" - Exchange It!


How do you fix a broken person?

Where do you take twisted emotions to get them repaired?

The answer, according to Dr. Charles R. Solomon, is the Cross.  He says we need to learn how to die to self and find life in Christ by appropriating His work on the cross, as taught in Galatians 2:20.  Dr. Solomon calls this 'exchanged life counseling'.  You'll call it revolutionary - even remarkable.

For decades, thousands have found help and healing through SpirituotherapyTM - a completely Christ-centered strategy pioneered by Dr. Solomon.  In Handbook to Happiness the practical principles of this proven treatment are available to help you - or those you love.

Dr. Solomon has discovered that the majority of those dealing with emotional struggles can be helped by returning to the Cross of Christ and seeing themselves buried with Christ in His crucifixion and raised to new life in His resurrection.  The book relies heavily on the truth of Scripture to give people hope and encouragement.

Plus, you will find helpful diagrams that visually communicate what the author is teaching in each chapter.  And you'll be inspired by the personal testimonials from many who have benefited from Dr. Solomon's SpirituotherapyTM.  Dr. Stephen Olford calls this method "balanced, Biblical...and beneficial".  So will you!

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