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     A Spiritual Clinic

Many believers and churches are floundering in defeat and confusion as the rite of passage is negotiated from a Judeo-Christian society to a pagan culture.  Christianity no longer enjoys a 'most favored' status among religions as the 'faith of our fathers' has been rejected in favor of secular humanism with its many proponents in the private and public sectors.

Dr. Solomon provides the thoughtful believer with a tool for self and church evaluation and also charts a way out of the wilderness of emotional, mental, and behavioral conflicts through individual and corporate revival or renewal.  While the world system is camping on the word, recovery - a never-ending process, the Holy Spirit majors in transformation of the life by renewing the mind.

Based on Handbook to Happiness (Tyndale House) which was sold more than a quarter million copies and has been used in innumerable lives over the last 20 years, God can use this treatment of scripture to help you and to make you a helper of others.  Your church can be a 'way station' for those who are searching for love, acceptance, and forgiveness.


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