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    Testimonies of Revitalized Ministries

In counseling with pastors over the years, I find they are unsung heroes.  Then, when they encounter difficulties in life, in family, or in ministry, admitting the need for help can be not only a personal dilemma, but also a professional hazard!  The option of seeking psychological help is more acceptable that receiving spiritual ministry since the pastor, by definition, is supposed to have all of those answers as 'a man of the cloth'.   The modern Church has not accepted the fact that there is a spiritual resolution available for most of the maladies that are commonly accepted as pathology of the psyche.

When the Spirit does meet a leader at his extremity, he may be unable to articulate that which God has done, or to minister this to his people.  It is our prayer that this volume, by many who have plumbed the depths of despair, will enable readers to profit by identifying with their journey downward to the Cross and their breakthrough to live and minister on the resurrection side of the Cross for God's glory.


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