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We began in Argentina in 1981 after a missionary couple from Honduras was counseled and facilitated getting the Handbook translated in Spanish.  Our main point of ministry, presently, is Brazil where both Dr. Woodward and I have ministered.  A Bible college near Sao Paulo, ABECAR, has now initiated our counseling approach at both the bachelor’s and master’s levels.  Rev. Leandro Tarrataca is the pastor of the church associated with the college and represents us there.  Also Rev. Edmund Spieker is conducting fermatas (conferences) for pastors, using the Portuguese Handbook as a basic tool; the first 2 chapters of The Rejection Syndrome are being published as a booklet.

Rev. Frank Solorzano has placed the Spanish Handbook in the hands of close to 100 pastors in Guatemala and El Salvador preparatory to our doing conferences there with the notebook that his daughter has translated and has been proofed by a missionary in Peru.​


After years of their sampling our materials, the church in Bogota has scheduled training of 500 leaders and 250 pastors in mid-summer 2013.  Each attendee will receive copies of our books for use in their ministries.

Such broad training is the culmination of years of ministry and is a major step forward in the Church.

The Church has a presence in 15 countries, including Spain.

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