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Since the Church has been infiltrated by much wisdom of the world system, it is lacking the spiritual power to thunder, “Thus saith the Lord “  and give answers that are diametrically opposed to that embraced by a secular society or such society as influenced by a church that has a “form of godliness but denies the power thereof” (2 Tim. 2:5).       

Since judgment is to begin at the house of God, it is way past time for the cross to be applied in all aspects of church ministry, and witness corresponding life transformations inside and outside the Church.  When this becomes the rule rather than the exception, even the world might dare venture into the Church!

The loss of power, and consequent apathy, has given the Church default responsibility in the godless functioning of society and its becoming marginalized by the world system.  In other words, it is high time that the Church practices what it preaches and demonstrates the miraculous life changes and life styles which it has purported to engender!

Since it has allowed its message to be diluted, it follows that individual believers will be less than effective in their chosen fields of endeavor, from a spiritual perspective.  A Christian may be very sincere and live and minister to the best of his/her ability and yet fall short of the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  In other words, the effort may be the best possible in human strength and yet be of the flesh.  Not only will ministry in the Church suffer, but its members will have less than God-given impact in his/her chosen profession, though the profession may be secular in nature.

For example, a Christian physician may do a creditable job in medicine and have a witness while doing so.  However, the treatment of the body, even with prayer involved, may fall short of being Christ and cross-centered and, thus, not leave an impression that is life transforming as a  side effect of dedicated medical treatment.

To go a step further, medical research may be done by dedicated believers and be restricted to the body and the soul with only a nod of the head toward the spirit, but not being led and empowered by the Holy Spirit in the direction and implementation of the research.  Lacking this vital dimension, the results are not statistically superior to that done by secular researchers who are dedicated to their assigned task.

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